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**** Monthly OF meetings at Goat lips at 11:30 am to be announced****

Third Thursday Events at Calvert’s in the Heights

Every third Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 at Calvert’s in the Heights, 670 Scenic Highway.

Brothers, ΣΑΕ Third Thursdays is a “dutch-treat“ alumni engagement initiative to gather Brothers together on the third Thursday of each month in locales and cities throughout the Realm. Come join the Pensacola Area Alumni every third Thursday at Calvert’s in the Heights, 670 Scenic Highway from 5 – 7. Celebrate brotherhood and re-connect with local ΣΑΕ‘s. The ΣΑΕ network is vast and powerful, and we know Brothers who attend these informal gatherings will find great value to broaden personal and professional connections, deepening the Bonds of Our Beloved Order. See you Thursday, Phi Alpha!
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